I'm not good at being vulnerable. (who is?)

And at work I might be asked what I want to do with my life/career, essentially. (I have no idea and it's occasionally terrifying)


Y'know the cliffhanger game from the Price is Right? Well, that's what my life feels like, to me, right now. Minus the yodeling and lederhosen. Ha. That I'm climbing further up that hill, and soon I'm going to just fall off. But, I'm still holding on for now and resist the siren wail of the yodeling to climb the hill. Ha. And I'm hoping after Sunday's even is finished, or hell, even after Tuesday night when I can get a full night's rest, I won't feel so climbing to nowhere?


Dream a Dream of Dreams that Dream

I'm in the L-shaped pantry of this big house and from the feel of it I live there. I'm pretty sure other ladies live there too, it had that feel of a sorority house type place. I'm wandering the hallway, being nosy and do a tad bit of tidying (I move apple juice to a different shelf, I wonder why we have so much macaroni and cheese). I find an open container for chocolate bars, so I snag one and am eating it. I don't think anyone will mind, because it's like a pantry that belonged to a coupon clipper, it had so much stuff and the thought that I'm sure the owner of some of these products no longer live here. That said, it's well kept and there are no spider webs, lots of natural light.

I'm snacking on the chocolate bar, when I look out the window and I see a dog, a golden retriever. I'm hiding from it, because I don't want him to see that I have food, that I may or may not should have taken.
So much more dreamCollapse )


Nothing is a coincidence

I've read Card Captor Sakura and xxxHolic in the past few days and I think I can say that I'm going to be hate reading Tsubasa.

For CCS it was the crazy differences in age, that were passed off as completely normal. So, so, so creepy. So many teachers dating students. No ty. (I was never that big a fan of it even in HP fandom. I read it, but I always liked when the student had graduated and in their 30s before the romancing began with a teacher, y'know? /silly)

For xxxHolic it was for shipping reasons and therefore not as reasonable. Plus I don't like that their is an open ending, plus this is a sequel/continuation?! Ugh. So I'll will be reading Rei, but who knows when.

I already know some of the twists and I don't understand them at all so I guess I'll hope they make sense when I'm reading it. Idk.

All I have left is, I want a pipe fox.

The Year of Finishing Things

The past couple of years I've liked challenging myself to do some sort of media consumption challenge. One year I read 100 books and another I watched 52 movies. This year, I've decided it's all about tying up those loose ends and finishing things or dropping it for good.

Here are a list of things I want to finish for right now. I might add more to them, when I remember.


  • Dracula

  • The Casual Vacancy

  • Spinning Tales into Gold

  • Game of Thrones


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

  • Doctor Who

Video Games

  • Pokemon X

  • Luigi's Haunted Mansion

  • Civilizations V

  • Bioshock Infinite

  • Kingdom Hearts

  • Lego Star Wars

Writings fics!

  • Happiness is a Warm Tazer Series

  • That Princess Bride AU I have in the works

  • Trucker AU

  • Coffee shop/college AU

  • Costume crack!fic

  • Color by Numbers

WWoHP Weekend that wasn't really a Weekend

My not so spur of the moment, spur of the moment “weekend!” And by that I mean Tuesday.

I’ve been thinking about going for a while, but finally decided to go do one park Monday afternoon and the other park Tuesday day.( I didn’t tell anybody because I went by myself.) Super fun!

Monday was USF- Transformers the ride 3D was so much fun and my favorite ride of the day.

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem 3D was cute! A lot of these rides have these things that screw with your perception and can make you feel dizzy. Usually, when this happens, just stop looking at the screen and it will generally start to dissipate a bit. (My brain still feels a bit dizzy from all the different reality perception rides they have)

Revenge of the Mummy - Dark roller coaster, with no inversions! Really cool line set up, and some of the props, like the mummy, looked meh. I really liked the special effects

Men In Black: Alien something. Shoot ‘em up ride game.

The Simpson ride: Omg, this thing made me feel sick. I wasn’t sure if it was a combo of being maybe dehydrated and the motion of the ride, but no ty.

Today/Tuesday did IOA and that means the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

I hurried to the castle and didn’t have to wait at all. The first time I rode the ride, the wait was 1 hr. Did the scenic tour aka through the castle and it was delightful. Rode the ride 2 more times as a single rider and never had to wait more than 10 minutes. Although on that last time, they stopped the ride for some reason, and so our “bench” was stopped pretty much with us on our back in front of some HP baddies.

Flight of the Hippogriff is a fun little coaster, but damn that thing is rough.

The Amazing Spider-Man ride was cute and I feel like I was the only one in our “car” to recognize Stan Lee. The ride itself is nice, but would love to see updated line.

Did the water rides: Jurassic Park River Adventure (dinosaur “spit” in my eye), Dudley Do Right Rip Saw Falls (omg the drop) and Popeye and Bluto’s Barge (my jean shorts were soaked).

Walked around some more, ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks (which what I had was alright), won a trivia thing in Jurassic Park, rode Cat in the Hat, climbed in some of the playground areas, had a snack from a cafe and then went shopping.

Stuff get’s expensive quickly (they were selling the Marauder’s Map for $50), even though I tried to go with a don’t worry too much about budget mindset. Luckily, or not really, I find most of the shirts ugly. And I don’t really need that much candy.

This trip I bought an Ash wand that corresponds to month I was born (I have “mine” and Hermione’s), a time turner key chain, a Ravenclaw key chain (they need more Ravenclaw stuff), and one chocolate frog with a Salazar Slytherin card (the frog did well in a 3 hour car trip, and now I have Slytherin and Hufflepuff. I really wanted Ravenclaw!)

I’ve lived here almost 3 years now, and have been there twice. I’d really like to increase that number, haha.


It's Only for Now

Fury's Angels
The other day I was asked by an Anon on Tumblr if I was ever going to finish my Happiness is a Warm Taser series.

The answer is yes. Yes, I am.

The thing about that is, I've been thinking on and off about it for a while. According to AO3, the past year. (how did a year happen?!) I got lost in my own 'verse and lost inspiration. Plus, I write this on the computer, phone, etc. and that was easily solved by getting Evernote, so everything syncs with each other, and I also write this freehand in a notebook. Generally when I'm on planes or waiting to go see a movie screening. I've been needing to type those up for a while. Oops. According to Evernote, I have 6 fic WiPs and 3 of them have that to do with Happiness is a Warm Taser. (2 are Avengers fics- one AU, one gen/crack/idk, and 1 is MiGP) I getting back on track with consolidating everything and right now I hope the act of writing will help me, continue to write, plot and wrangle ideas.

Anyway, was just in the mood to plan out the rest of my fics because I don't want this to go on forever.

  • Upcoming fic...goal for this one is to move up the pace

  • Get together fic

  • Smut fic ? The reason for the question mark on this one is because I'm not sure if a smut scene will work in the get together fic. I haven't written it yet, so not sure of the tone. But that's a lot of reading not to have smut. So if I do this one it will be PWP, but again this might not exist and the smut be in the get together fic.

  • Darcy and Natasha = shenanigans flashback fic! (set in this verse but happened a while back and I wanted to write it)

  • And maybe Darcy 5+1 fic of meeting everybody, could potentially be combined with the Darcy and Natasha shenanigans flashback fic.


May. 10th, 2013

Dancing at Midnight
Random dream of dreamness: hockey players at work. Of course, because of a fic I read before bed.
Fic induced dreamsCollapse )

I live with family right now, because I'm super cool and make not enough money, essentially. And on the one hand, it's ughhh, even if I don't feel like I"m living at home, I'd like to feel and be more independent than what I currently am, but on the other hand, I'd be really lonely if I didn't so yea. I'm pretty lucky.

Anyway, hockey playoffs have been pretty fun so far. A wee bit stressful, but oh well. Yay caring about sports! I can't really see this becoming a full time thing, but new experiences, etc. I'm rooting for one team, but have back up teams, just in case and realize 3 were in the Eastern conference and 1 of them is about to be knocked out. This is going to be interesting.


Random Famous People Story Time

Went on vacation, which was really nice and both too short and a good length, and ended up running into the actor who plays Puck on Glee, Mark Salling, at a bar. Super random, stood right by him and made eye contact twice and that was about it. My friends and I were a wee bit drunk at the time, and my reaction was "Oh cool, that was the dude I thought it was *keeps on dancing*"

Also had a hockey dream, think it was after reading a particular fic (Really authors you have to post a ~50,000 word fic right as I'm going to bed/I have to notice it then). Anyway, dreamt that Geno brought me soup. It was a soup that definitely had a chicken broth base. I don't remember the rest of it, but it definitely had a feel like the ficCollapse )


Dancing at Midnight
I'm back from my vacation! It was meant to be longer, but with a little bit of fail on my part, it was cut shorter, but it all worked out.

Although, it was great that on my last day/day I was flying out on, I woke up hungover. The nauseous kind of hungover where even in a car I was feeling sick. It was horrible. Since it was my last day, I was trying to spend every minute with my parents that I could, but I had to take a nap. Although afterwords I felt so much better and could actually eat. Pre-nap: two bites of a waffle. After-nap: two slices of pizza and a cupcake.

Even though I miss my family and friends, I don't want to move back there any time soon. Not that I want to stay where I am forever, but there were times where it felt claustrophobic almost. Which is weird and I can't properly describe it since it is Texas and I know that everyone jokes that "Everything is bigger in Texas" but it's kind of true. It's much more spread out, but also taller as well. Even though there are more high rises here, it's still relatively flat. I don't really know...but whatever. There is coffee in my veins and a steady internet connection, so I'm happy. :)


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