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Escaping Reality...

Where Do I Go From Here?

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Fandoms Me Favorites

I like het and slash.

Main Pairings: Jareth/Sarah, Severus/Hermione, Alice/Hatter,

HP Pairings (other): Harry/Ron, Sirius/Remus, Remus/Bill (only after OotP) Salazar/Rowena, Oliver/Percy, Tom/Ginny, Bill/Tonks, Severus/Hermione/Lucius and more.

Other Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Nine/Rose, Rikuo/Kazahaya, Darien/Serena,Li/Sakura, Senshi/Generals, Nephlite/Molly, Heero/Relena, Gene/Melfina, Ryan/Kelly, Dwight/Angela, Roger/Dorothy, Jack/Will (PotC and Will&Grace), 3x4, Haku/Chihiro, Cox/JD, Arthur/Ford (HG2G), Sporticus/Robbie, Nick/Danny (Hot Fuzz), Chad/Ryan (Chyan, HSM), Jack/Ianto, Justin/Alex (WoWP), Kirk/McCoy, Sulu/Chekov, Eames/Arthur, Face/Murdock and more.


Loves to laugh.
Guys are a big part of my life. Too big.
Sarcastic, cynical, hopeful romantic at heart.
Crazy in a good way.

Movies: Clue, Labyrinth, Alice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
TV Shows: Doctor Who, 30 Rock, Castle, Glee

Books: Harry Potter, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,
Bands: The Beatles, Musicals, Queen, The Fratellis

Anime: Sailor Moon, CCS, xxxHolic,
Manga: FAKE, Legal Drug, Tokyo Babylon

HP Character: Hermione Granger
Color: Metallic Blue
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{ wear }

{ wear }

Ravenclaw means never having to take sides

harry potter books are original love

1xr, 3x4, a-team, acting, albus dumbledore, alice, alice in wonderland, anime, arrested development, ash/misty, batman/wonder woman, big o, bishounen, books, boy/boy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, cardcaptors, cartoon network, cartoons, castle, cheshire cat, chocolate, chyan, curly hair, cute guys, dancing, darcy/clint, darcy/hawkeye, doctor who, doctor/rose, dorothy/roger, dragons, enchanted, fake, family guy, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, firefly, franz ferdinand, frodo/sam, futurama, gene/melfina, glee, gundam wing, haku/chihiro, harry potter, harry/ron, haven, hentai, hiei/kurama, hp relay comic, hyde/jackie, icons, inception, indie rock, jack/will, jim/pam, labyrinth, legal drug, lemons, leverage, li/sakura, little red riding hood, lord of the rings, mamoru/usagi, manga, memes, milly/wolfwood, modest mouse, movies, mulder/scully, nephrite/naru, noin/zechs, oliver/percy, open-minded people, oscar wilde, outlaw star, paul frank, percy jackson, peter pan, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pretty boys, procrastinating, quatre/trowa, queen, quizzes, reading, redheads, remus/sirius, robin/starfire, roleplaying, romance, romance novels, rowena/salazar, rpgs, sailor moon, sci-fi, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shipping, shoebox project, shopping, shounen ai, slash, slashy smut, smut, snape/hermione, south park, spirited away, teen titans, the beatles, the goonies, the killers, the office, the princess bride, the princess diaries, tokyo babylon, tom/ginny, torchwood, touya/yukito, traveling, trigun, twilight, underworld, urban outfitters, vampires, warehouse 13, witch craft, wolfwood/vash, x-files, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuuske/keiko, zodiac


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